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Farm Fresh Forensics
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Welcome to the world of Farm Fresh Forensics!
Writer, rancher, and retired CSI,  Sheridan Rowe Langford invites you to pull up a chair and sit a spell.                          


      Writer and popular blogger, Sheridan Rowe Langford, is a retired crime scene investigator. Prior to that she worked on a police tactical team running felony warrants and hunting for narcotics. Chasing drug dealers over fences was long before middle age, a love of sourdough bread, and a distaste for jogging led to more cerebral pursuits. Before her time in the police department she was a 6th grade teacher where she developed most of the skills necessary to thrive in the police world - detecting deception and going for long periods of time without a bathroom break. 

In 1984 she was forced into learning how to train dogs while raising a German Shepherd in a one-bedroom apartment in Houston. The choice was simple - learn to train the dog or lose her pet deposit. This soon led to showing dogs, an activity akin to a Lord of the Rings adventure where much time, money, and gasoline was spent on an insane quest for ribbons. In this pursuit she gained many colorful ribbons and the colorful language necessary to later become a police officer. During that time she began writing humorous and educational articles about dogs.

In the 1990's Sheridan moved from showing dogs to training dogs for Search & Rescue. She worked with Human Remains Detection dogs until she moved into the Crime Scene Unit. Her remaining Cadaver Dog then switched careers and became a full time farm dog. In 2009 she started blogging at and was soon gobsmacked by how a simple farm dog in Texas could end up with fans as far away as Australia and South Africa. Her website hosted both a farm blog and a CSI blog, and was dedicated to giving readers the true behind-the-scenes peek of both worlds, sharing the hilarity and the headaches, the triumphs and the tragedies. Readers soon began asking for books.

Sheridan retired from police work in 2015. Retirement doesn't pay as well as employment but does allow more free time to write. The Farm Fresh Forensics book was released in April of 2018. She is currently working with an illustrator on two children's books. Farm Fresh Flocks, the sequel to Farm Fresh Forensics, is expected in the summer of 2021. 

You can follow her on this site, at Amazon Author's Central, or at She is also active on social media. You can find her on Facebook or Instagram at Sheridan Rowe Langford or Twitter at @rowe_langford. 

On Farm Fresh Forensics, she writes:

     "With one foot in the crime scene and one foot in the corral, I learned that my worlds were two sides of a coin. I took lessons from one to add to the other. The animals on my farm are more than merely characters in a play, they are teachers along this journey of life. The trenches behind the crime scene tape are a classroom on what's truly important.

     Like every day in the barnyard, every crime scene I walked into had a story, and it's not always the story I expected. Every morning, the moment your feet touch the ground, your story begins. Most of the time you decide whether the tale is a comedy or a tragedy, for the story is simply in the perception. A comedy perceived, is a comedy achieved. In the end, I hope that something I have shared makes you laugh, makes you think, or makes you thankful for the gifts the Good Lord has given you."

"Life was a funny thing that occurred on the way to the grave."
Quentin Crisp


Red Feather Ranch, Failte Gate Farm

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